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4 Easy Workouts for Seniors with Arthritis

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Here are just a few ways seniors with arthritis can stay in shape and enjoy their lives to the fullest!


Whether you’re in an aquatic dance class or you’re just looking to do some leisurely laps, swimming is one of the best exercises to help you maintain your health in your golden years.

The best part? The buoyancy of the water means that there is less pressure on your joints while exercising, and the low-impact nature of swimming means you’re less likely to feel weak or exhausted after completing a workout!


As far as exercise systems go, very few have taken the world by storm like the Indian discipline of yoga. Different types of yoga exist for different skill sets, but if you are looking for a gentle and low-impact style to improve your balance and flexibility, consider taking up the Hatha style!

If you’re looking to get the most relaxation out of yoga that you can, be sure to light some scented candles and play some soft music to make all your worries wash away.


Looking for an easier workout system you can do in the comfort of your home that is designed to strengthen your joints? Then pilates may be the system for you! Pilates is an excellent workout because it can be modified to fit whatever fitness needs you might have.

Whether it’s increasing your cardio and breathing, strengthening the muscles in your legs, or just increasing your flexibility, then try taking up one of the many free classes available online!

Tai Chi

Martial arts have been a source of physical fitness for millions all over the world, and seniors can get in on the benefits too with the gentle motion of Tai Chi. Tai Chi improves balance, movement, and breathing, and only requires one 20-40 minute exercise session per day for improvements to show.

Most importantly, Tai Chi focuses on improving spiritual and mental health alongside your physical strength, so you may just come out of your daily workout feeling more at peace than before.

Many different exercises exist for seniors looking to improve their health and fitness, and Kaplan Development Group is proud to offer classes and activities like these to all residents in our senior living communities who are looking to stay in shape. Give our senior care staff a call today at 516 496-1505 or visit us online and find out more about the exciting activities and opportunities that await all residents at our assisted living homes.

Written by kaplan

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